How metal separation equipment makes life easier in construction industry

MIning the raw materials

In the construction industry, the raw materials mainly come from the earth. For instance, all the materials that are mined in the quarry go to the construction industry. The process of obtaining rawmagnet materials starts with the excavation by using explosives or heavy excavation equipment. After extraction, the raw materials go through the process of crushing to get the desired end product. In most cases, unwanted metals are the source of the problem in the construction industry and are removed through the process of using metal seperation equipment. This unwanted piece of metal comes from broken pieces of machinery such as tool tips or teeth. If this unwanted metal remains in the process, it will cause unwanted damage to construction equipment such as crushers and conveyor belts. This will result in costly repairs and production downtime.

The metal separation process

Reliable magnetic separators are used to remove unwanted metals from the raw materials. These metal separation equipment are fitted to the initial stage of processing to remove unwanted metal as early as possible. Apart from having magnets, material separation equipment has metal detectors to increase the efficiency of the process. If the metal detectors detect metal in the raw material, the conveyor belt automatically stops until the unwanted metals are removed.

How machines make life easier in construction industry

Without machinery, construction will be a nightmare and will take a long duration to complete a single project. For instance, it could have been very challenging to get the desired raw materials that are free from contamination. A perfect example of machines that has made life easier is eddy current separators. This machine is used for recycling materials from demolishing buildings to separate non-ferrous materials from the debris. Once fed with the material, the eddy current separator produce and eddy current that causes the magnetic rotor to repel non-ferrous material and collected separately from the debris.


Machines have made life easier in the construction industry. For instance, if there were no metal separation equipment a lot of time would be spent trying to locate unwanted metal in the construction raw materials.