Using Magnets In The Industrial Sector – Plastics Industry

Although different industries are currently using magnetic separators for performing various functions, this article seeks to discuss some of the benefits of using magnetic separators in the plastic industry. This particular industry is divided into two sections. The first section is the processing section where virgin plastics or raw materials are mixed together and processed to form high-quality items that include plastic crates, household plastic items, and plastic packaging. For the past few years, virgin plastics popularly used for the production of plastic items have risen sharply in price. This is one of the main reasons why plastic recycling is quickly becoming popular.

To deliver superior quality plastic goods from recycled plastic, processing plants strive to deliver superior quality end products. Metal contamination occurs at different stages and this can greatly Magnetic separatorcompromise the quality of the end products and purity will be affected as well. Metal contamination can also cause significant damage to the processing equipment. If this happens, heavy repair costs may be incurred and downtime may be experienced frequently. The equipment used for injection moulding is rather costly. Therefore, constantly replacing the equipment such as the injection barrels may not just be inconveniencing but negatively impacts the business profits.

Since a considerable number of plastic processors are resorting to use of recycled plastics for the production of plastic products, magnetic separation is introduced into the procedures. By using magnetic separators, all metal that may be present is completely removed. Consequently, cleaner plastic products are produced and equipment damage is prevented. Manufacturers of magnetic separators have built different types of separators that can be used at different stages in the plastic processing plant. As a result, recycled plastic products are kept as clean as possible. Furthermore, quality of the end products is greatly improved. Using the magnetic separators saves money in the long run.